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Command Reference

no monitor session 1-66
Removes any existing configuration for the session number, between 1 and 66.

monitor session 1-66 source [vlan vlan-id | interface interface-id] [rx | tx | both]
Configures the source for SPAN or RSPAN, can be either a vlan or an interface, and can specify input (rx), output (tx) or both (default).

monitor session 1-66 destination [remote vlan vlan-id] | [interface interface-id]
Configures the destination for SPAN or RSPAN, can be either a RSPAN vlan, or an interface.

monitor session 1-66 filter vlan [vlan-id | vlan-range]
Removes traffic from the specified vlans from the monitored traffic stream.

show monitor session

Displays the status of a SPAN session.